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on January 26, 2011

** Paisley **

Please meet our newest addition – Paisley Jazz! 

Paisley Jazz Kays (7 months old)

We found her on December 11th, 2010 at the MC Animal Shelter.  At the shelter her name was “Jazzy”, which we changed to Paisley.  We decided to keep the name Jazzy and use it as her middle name.  My daughter named her Paisley after the country music singer Brad Paisley. 

My husband and I took our kids on a Saturday morning to “look” for a new addition to our home.  We also have, Lucy, our 13-year old Jack Russell Terrier at home.  The plan was to look at several shelters before deciding on a new dog. 

 Have you ever visited an animal shelter before?  Well, I had not.  It was an eye-opener.  Both dogs we have had were pure breds – Lucy, our Jack Russell terrier and Maggie, our West Highland Terrier (dec. 6/30/2010) A really good friend of mine, Deidrea, encouraged us to look at local shelters first.  Deidrea has around 10 dogs herself, and she even fosters dogs too.  So we began looking at petfinder.com for dogs we would like to meet.  We searched petfinder.com for about 2-3 weeks and never once did we see Paisley on Petfinder.  So if you dont find one that you want to meet online, visit the shelter.  We made our list from around 4 shelters so off we go in search of our new addition.

 The first (and only) shelter we go to is full of dogs, which led me there to begin with.  I knew they would have lots more to choose from. When we went back to meet the dogs, so many of the dogs went crazy jumping, barking, hiding, sleeping.  It was pretty overwhelming for my 7 year-old son, Colin.  We met a couple of dogs, and the kids were of course, crazy about the puppies. However, Travis and I had already decided no little puppies; we wanted a dog around 4-6 months old. 

 We slowly kept creeping down the hall of dogs talking to them, petting them when out of the corner of my eye I see a dog sitting down just looking at me with her head cocked to the side as if to say, “I’m right here, Silly”.  There she was…white face with a black eye.  I think I skipped about four little rooms of dogs and went straight down to meet her.  She never barked and she never jumped.  Yep, she was perfect.  I feel the need to say our other two dogs were jumpers and barkers, so again, she was perfect. 

 The worker let Jazzy (4 months old) out so we could meet her, and then we went outside to see if she could take some basic commands.  She had never been on a leash before, and after about 5 minutes, she took to the idea of the leash.  We ran around with her, rubbed her belly, which she now loves for you to do. She was great! 

As a family, we all agreed she was the one for us.  We never thought we would find our new family member so quickly.  I mean this was the first and only shelter we visited.  My husband was a little worried about how we could find the dog so quickly.   He trusted our judgment, and decided she was the one, too.  We all take her back inside, well, except Colin.  Remember he was quite overwhelmed by all the dogs barking and jumping, so he decided to stay in the van for awhile. I honestly think he felt a little sad for all the dogs. 

 We took her back inside to let the shelter workers know that we wanted to adopt her.  I thought Jazzy was supposed to be spayed before we could take her home, so I never bothered to get food, bed, kennel, or anything like that.  Furthermore, I never even asked my friend, Deidrea, about when we would be able to take a dog home if we found one.  I guess that meant I never expected to find her so quickly either.  This was our first time at the shelter after all. 

Surprise!!  We got to take Paisley home that day!  AGH!!  We had nothing ready for her, but she did not seem to mind at all.  The kids were thrilled, I was happy, and Travis was excited, too. 

Paisley has been a really good dog .  According to the vet, Paisley was more like 6 months old when we adopted her.  She is a very, very smart dog.  She LOVES her treats, her bones, her stuffed animal toys, and she lives to play ball.  She knows how to sit, shake, lie down, crawl and roll over.  We are so happy with her and I think she is happy with us too.

I would like to encourage anyone looking for a new pet, to please consider looking at your local shelters first.  There are so many sweet, loving dogs there.  One thing my friend, Deidrea, told me was she believed these dogs know why you are there when you visit.  They know you are saving them, and they will be loyal and loving to you.  So if you are searching for a new pet, please consider adopting one from a local animal shelter or humane society. 

You can start your search for a new pet by visiting www.petfinder.com where you can plug in your zip code and the type of animal you are looking for.


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