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Wish List Item #1

on January 27, 2011

I hate to admit this.  But, for the past several months I have been throwing my Pottery Barn (PB) catalogs in the trash.  See, I have been on the hunt for a nice looking quilt for months now, but came up only with disappointment.   My faithful PB quilts listed in the catalogs were just not appeasing to me.  The quilt patterns look old-fashioned and in my honest opinion, not very stylish.  They were lacking something important, a spark maybe?  I could not put my finger on it.  Seriously…PB does not usually sell old, unattractive-looking quilts.  

However, having bought several quilts from them in the past, I have not been able to find anyone to beat their comfort, style, and wear.  So, no way was I giving up on PB bedding!  I decided I would just hold out.  And I am glad I did.

About three weeks ago, I decided to take a catalog to work to read through while on my lunch break.  Whatta-ya know?  There it was! I found something I really liked.  It been so long.  What I found wasn’t exactly a quilt, it was a duvet cover. I have had several duvets, too, but I get disgusted so easily with them.  I can never get the down comforter to stay put.  Even when pinned inside, I could never get the duvet to look as beautiful and full as it did in the catalog.

Pottery Barn Karala Duvet Cover

I was willing to put my small disgust and aggravation aside for this duvet cover.  I like it!  I wanna buy it!  I especially love the pillow shams!  I can definitely see this on the bed when I walk into my bedroom every night.

Our bedroom furniture is very, very similar to the 2nd picture I posted below.  I feel confident the colors will blend well with the furniture, paint, and curtain sheers already occupying the room.  There are three windows in our bedroom, so we get a lot of morning light.  I love bright rooms!  I think they are just refreshing and warm.  So I know I could pull the room together with this bedding. 

Pottery Barn Karala Bedding


My dilemna?  I keep going back and forth on whether or not I should make this purchase, or rather I should say “investment”.  Yes, PB is pricey, but I really love their products.  To me, I get my money’s worth.  My daddy always tells me, “You get what you pay for”.  Oh, how right you are, Daddy!  After all, I am not a frivolous spender and I like to choose carefully what I put in my house.  Yeah, I am kind of picky I guess. 

However, until I can decide for sure whether I want to buy this bedding, it will have to stay as my Wish List Item #1 (more wish list items to follow).  Don’t worry, Karala Bedding from Pottery Barn…I will be thinking of you!  I hope we meet soon!


2 responses to “Wish List Item #1

  1. […] Wish List Item #1 – Last week I called Pottery Barn to order all of Wish List Item #1, but halfway through the order the customer service rep told me PB never received the Blueberry […]

  2. […] Wish List Item #1 – Last week I called Pottery Barn to order all of Wish List Item #1, but halfway through the order the customer service rep told me PB never received the Blueberry […]

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