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Easy Ranch Dressing

on February 2, 2011

Noon on Fridays you can find me at a local Mexican restaurant named “Garcia’s” eating a grilled chicken salad with the best Ranch dressing.   My good friend and co-worker, Emily, introduced me to this salad, which has now become my favorite salad!  The dressing makes this salad so yummy. 

Ya know, once you have something really fresh and delicious, it is hard to accept the artificial, right?  Right!  I was never a big fan of bottled ranch dressing, and especially despised the flavor of a lowfat or fat free dressing.  I prefer a thin, lowfat dressing versus a thick, calorie-loaded dressing.  So, I decided to make my own dressing.  And now, I dont have to buy bottled Ranch dressing ever again. 

My husband and daughter love this dressing on their salads.  It is light, thin, lowfast and tasty!  The Ranch dressing goes a long way on your salad so you dont need a pool of dressing.  The keep time on this dressing is 2-3 weeks.  By using organic milk, the dressing lasts longer in the fridge.  By the way, organic milk is WONDERFUL!  Try it sometime. 

Easy Ranch Dressing

Sorry for the sidetrack.  Back to Ranch dressing.  Here is the recipe:

* 1 – 1oz. packet Hidden Valley Ranch dressing mix

* 1 cup organic fat-free milk

* 1/2 cup reduced fat sour cream

* 1/2 cup Hellman’s mayo

In a medium size bowl, whisk the ingredients together until well blended.  The dressing will be thin.  If you would like the dressing to be a bit thicker, simply seal the bowl of dressing and put in the refrigerator.    The longer it is chilled, the thicker the dressing. 

We like our salads on weeknights simple.  I just chop Romaine hearts, tomatoes, cucumbers, and carrots.  On the weekends, I might add more veggies to the salad.  If it were not for this Ranch dressing, I dont think my family would be as willing to eat salad all week.


2 responses to “Easy Ranch Dressing

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