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Like a Dagger In My Heart

on February 8, 2011

I know, I know…I did not post yesterday.  But, I have a good excuse; I was in mourning.  Our Pittsburgh Steelers did not win the Super Bowl XLV!  Ya know, it really did not phase me much Sunday night, but yesterday, oh my goodness…I felt awful.  Finally, I banned myself from logging onto facebook since all of the Bandwagoners and Steeler-Haters were out thick posting their statuses of victory.   No, I am not a sore loser.

I did try to look on the bright side of things…we had a full house of family with lots of good food to eat.  Guests included my brother, Joey, his wife, Kelley and their brood, Kamryn, Chayse and Mayci.  My mom, Aunt Brenda and Granny P. were present.  Fellow Steeler fan and mother-in-law, Susan, and (yucky Cowboy fans) Trav’s stepfather, Rod, and brother, Jeremy came to hang out with us too.  My daughter invited a special guest…her boyfriend, Austin (more like friend, I think).  She asked me a couple of times if I could hold it down.  And I was like, “NO WAY!”.  What was she thinking??? 

Besides the guests and the food, I look on the bright side of the Steelers winning their 7th Lombardi trophy!!!  We got next season, baby!


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