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on February 9, 2011

Apologies to my husband and kids for not introducing them on this blog.  How could I not introduce my favorite people in all of my world???  I am the luckiest lady to have them in my life.  They make my life better.

Let me first introduce my husband, Travis.  You might see him referenced on this blog as Trav or Travmo, but his real name is Travis.  He is the absolute love of my life, the man of my dreams, and one of the best people I know. 

Trav and Evan at her first UK game

We both grew up in the same county.  I am just a wee bit older than him, but he doesnt seem to mind being married to an old woman.  At the time we met, I wasnt looking for a boyfriend, but rather somone I could go to the movies with, have dinner with, that sort of thing.  So, my brother, Joey, introduced us.  He kept telling me what a nice guy Travis was, so I thought why not. 

Then we met, and we have never separated.  We have been together for almost 16 years.  Twelve of those years have been as husband and wife, and the other four we dated.  He went off to college while I ran my own business (dance studio) back in the town where we grew up.   I was fortunate to have something to keep me occupied while he was gone since I was crazy in love with the man. 

Trav enjoys (being married to me) football, coaching girls soccer, fishing, and hunting. 

The second person I would like to introduce is my daughter, Evan.  She is a blessing.  She was born blowing bubbles, and boy, what a strong and determined little baby she was.  She made motherhood so much easier for me.  She immediately started holding her head up, she fed easily, she walked at 10 months…she was just a sweet, sweet baby.  Still is sweet. 

Evan playing club soccer - age 9

She is a fair-skinned, strawberry blonde.  No bigger than a minute.  She loves Big-Macs from McDonald’s.  She loves art, Bruno Marx and the Disney channel.  She is Team Jacob.

Evan enjoys playing soccer, dancing, singing, and she just started gymnastics lessons, which she is super excited about right now.  She wants to become more flexible in her dancing she says, so she thought gymnastics would only help her.  This year is the first time she will be competing in solo dance competitions, and we are kinda nervous about it. 

When Evan grows up she wants to be a veteranarian.  She loves animals, and has her entire life.  This spring we plan to begin training Paisley, our Border Collis mix, in agility exercises. I am really lookling forward to spending time with her.

The final person I would like to introduce is my son, Colin.  He is really something else.  He can be sweet, fun-loving, outgoing, funny, entertaining, stubborn, headstrong, and a know-it-all.  He is only 7. 

Colin - age 5

He was the cutest baby boy when he was born (he is still pretty cute) with his dark hair, and pretty skin.  He smiled a lot.  He was a chubby baby, and I remember my Granny P. laughing at how bottom heavy he was as a baby.  We get tickled when we talk about it since now he is such a skinny little kid. He looks alot like my little brother, Joey, when he was younger.

Colin enjoys basketball, baseball, football, playing video games, swimming and watching Phineus and Ferb.  He likes to dance, too…breakdance.  He is the kid who sits and watches “So You Think You Can Dance” (SYTYCD) show with me. 

When Colin grows up he says he wants to be a MLB player.  He is a smart kid, and I believe he can do anything he puts his mind to.  Keywords being “puts his mind to”.  Did I mention he is kinda stubborn? 

Colin loves games and he enjoys a challenge.  He is great at multiplication and division.  He is a momma’s boy, of course.  He loves to sing and act in the children’s plays at church.  He loves Fuji apples, and will get them in his happy meals over french fries any day of the week. Yay!

So, ya see how lucky I am?  Pretty blessed from where I am sitting.


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