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Bucket List & Pep Talk

on February 16, 2011

I enjoy cooking immensely, as long as I am comfortable with what I am cooking.  Stepping out of my little comfort zone is definitely a direction I need to pursue.  So, in order to chart those things, here is my bucket list along with just a few “pep talk” points directed to myself.

Baking Bucket List

  1. Learn how to make homemade ice cream/gelato.
  2. Make sourdough bread
  3. Make bruschetta
  4. Try making scones
  5. Bake a 2-tier cake from scratch
  6. Try my hand at homemade icing
  7. Learn how to use icing decorating tips and tools.
  8. Make homemade dumplings
  9. Create my own cupcake
  10. Try making cupcake balls by bakerella.

 Grilling Bucket List

  1. Try stir-frying on the grill.
  2. Try a new kabob.
  3. Try blackening fish.
  4. Cook more fish on a weekly basis.
  5. Grill different vegetables.


Genres of Cooking 

  1. Try 3 Italian dishes I would not ordinarily order at a restaurant.
  2. Try 3 French dishes I would not ordinarily try.
  3. Try 3 Mediterranean dishes I would never think of trying.
  4. Try 3 Asian dishes I would never try.
  5. Try recipes from Food stars: Paula Deen, The Neely’s, Martha Stewart, Rachel Ray, Barefoot Contessa, David Lebowitz, & Bobby Flay 

Pep Talk 

  1. Open up a bit and experiment with recipes
  2. Be on the lookout for interesting recipes
  3. Try eggplant, leeks, tofu, and artichoke hearts
  4. Put together a recipe book of my own favorite recipes.
  5. Keep the blog updated.
  6. Purchase new cookbooks that require intermediate cooking skills, or check out books at the local library.
  7. Cook more with the kids
  8. Invite Travis to cook with me more.

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