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Wish List Item #3

on February 22, 2011

Blogging about items on my wish list is a good way to record items I would one day like to purchase.  I am not a person who runs out and buys the first thing I see, so I consider myself a patient saver and spender.  This is the truth…I find things that I really like and want to buy, but then I wait so long to get them, I end up forgetting what I really wanted in the first place.  How can I forget about something I really, really want?  Easy!  I have kids!

This next Wish List Item #3 is really a culmination of cooking items from Williams-Sonoma so I will label them Item 3a, 3b, and 3c.  I am sure Trav will be rolling his eyes when he reads this.  Ya see, we have already had the discussion about why I like the new measuring spoons from WS vs. the other two pair of spoons I already had.  I think one set came from Target and the other from Wal-Mart perhaps.  I love them, too.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with them.  I just like my new measuring spoons…they are all-clad and shiny.  I told Trav that I bought the new ones since they will last me for awhile.  His reply of course was, “Hasn’t the other two measuring spoon sets lasted for you, too?”  He kinda had a point.

Here is #3a.

WS 10-pc. Bowl Set

Next is #3b.

WS All-Clad Measuring Cups

 Item #3c.

WS 3-pc. Mesh Colander Bowls


Update on WishList Item #1 – On the bedding from Pottery Barn, they do not and will not be getting the blueberry shams, so I am forced to look elsewhere for the time being.
I have my eye on some bedding by West Elm, which carries a more modern style of bedding.  They do have several styles I like so mightbe posting something soon about a couple of their quilts/duvets as a possible wish list item #4. 


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