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AR Points are a big deal at our house…

on February 24, 2011

Yep!  AR points are a big topic around our house!  If you are not familiar with AR points, these are points given to students once they take a computerized test about a book they read on their reading level or above.  The higher level of book, the more points you can score for correct answers. 

Colin receiving his blanket for reaching over 100 AR Points!

At our kid’s school I believe a student needs to reach 25 AR points in order to attend the AR Sleepover at school in late April.  The sleepover, in and of itself, is a big deal, too.  Colin had always seen his sister go to the AR sleepovers when she was younger. 

Well, Colin has now reached over 100 AR points.  He leads his class and the 2nd grade in AR points.  I am so very proud of him!  If you challenge him, he will go all the way for you.  At the beginning of his 2nd grade year, he set the goal of reaching 100 AR points, so you can see why he is so happy.  He has worked hard.  I think now he is trying to reach 200 before the end of the school year.  WOW!

As a mom, I was amazed at how many points he had gotten by Christmas (92) since he did not read much at home.  So I was under the assumption he did most of his extra AR reading at school.  This really surprised me, and made me very proud.  Because of AR, he is now reading more at home, on his own time. 

Congratulations to Colin for such an awesome job!  Keep up the great work, Son!


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