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Planets for $1000, Alex.

on February 25, 2011

Nerds. We are indeed nerds.  When the more exciting time of your night (after dinner) as a family is when you rush to the living room to watch the daily episode of Jeopardy…you are officially a nerd.  We all love this show, and I honestly dont know why.  It kinda just sucks you in, and brainwashes you.  I think it might be the theme song.  Truth: When my kids were little, I did not hum lullabies to them, I actually hummed the theme song to Jeopardy

We were all sitting in front of the tellie the other night, and well this week happens to be Teen Week on the show, so my kids were super stoked.  This meant they might actually be able to answer some of the questions.  See, I mentioned before that I wasn’t sure why we all like this show.  Well, Travis always win…I mean he blows us out of the park with his quick wit, and his attention to the details of the clues.  He enjoys beating all of us, but I admit he is a pretty good sport.  He doesn’t rub it in that we lose every single time, and no one has ever been able to beat him.  Me?  I would be rubbing that in everyone’s face!    But we try to give Travis a run for his money, even if we know the possibility of winning is pretty scarce to none!

So, it’s Teen Week, right?  Well, Alex T. is handing out the clues and my kids are answering them the best they can.  Colin gets a little help from me (when I know the correct answer…hehe).  So, one of the categories of the night is ‘Planets’.  Colin read several books last year on planets so he was answering the questions accurately one after the other.  Then came the $1000 question in the planet category.  I honestly don’t recall what the actual question was, but all four of us somehow ended on the topic about Pluto  no longer being a planet.  Maybe the answer was Pluto.  Who knows.

E: Pluto is not a planet.

J: Yes, it is.  It is the last planet in the solar system; the furthest from the sun.

T: Jenny, Pluto is no longer considered a planet.  It is called something else now.

J: A moon?

T: No.  I cant remember what they call it now. (Huh, suprise, surprise Mr. Jeopardy smarty-pants)

E: It says in our science book at school, Mom, that Pluto is not a planet.

J: Oh, interesting.

E: I love Pluto!

C: Pluto’s a dog, Evan! (said with total conviction)

Way to come in there, Colin!


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