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on February 28, 2011

I freely boast and proudly admit I grew up a “daddy’s girl”.  My daddy is a pretty special person to me.  We have our own secret language, which no one knows.  They think they know, but they don’t.  Daddy always knew how to make me feel so special as a young girl, and he always knew when to put me in my place, too.  As a young girl and teen, he would sing, “Here she comes, Miss America” as I would slowly walk down the staircase of our house.  It always made me smile.  I am smiling now just thinking about it. 

My dad’s name is Earl Jr., or Jun, or Daddy.  He is the 2nd oldest child (oldest son) to my grandparents, Earl and Louise.   He had two sisters (who passed away with polio at early ages) named Mary Ann and Lana Kay, and he has three brothers, William, Ricky, and Ben.  Ben is the same age as my older brother, Chris, so Ben was like a brother to me growing up. 

Daddy, age 61 - Christmas 2010

Daddy is a musician.  He can sing, play guitar and piano.  He is very artsy, and very smart.  He is a very talented artist, whether it is in music or art.  He has many oil paintings hanging up in his home, which he hand-painted.  There is one oil painting in particular which my brother, Joey, and I argue about who the painting belongs to.  Joey says Daddy gave it to him, and well, I say Daddy gave it to me.  It is probably Chris’s, my other brother. 

Being awakened at 8 am on a Saturday morning to the banging of the piano was a weekly occurrence at our house.  I was so annoyed by it as a teen, but it is something I remember about my dad and once again, I smile.  I am reminded how blessed I am to have such a talented father and just having a dad who loves me so much. 

Music is my dad’s passion.  I wished he could do it for a living because he loves it so much, but that just wasn’t in the cards for my dad.  He is an accountant by day for a local underground cable company where he has worked for over 30 years.  Since he isn’t able to be a full-time musician, he travels every week to local nursing homes singing hymns and gospel songs.  Occasionally his group will be asked to sing at socials, church revivals, benefits, or even campaign parties. 

Not only can he sing, paint, work with numbers, but he is quite handy, too.  He can wire electricity, or work with concrete.  He can do all sorts of things on his own.  His versatility and skills are some of the many things I love about him.

Daddy has been married to my mom for 38 years.  He was also married to Deborah before my marrying my mother.  Together, he and Debbie had a child…my older brother, Chris.  Debbie passed away from a brain tumor when Chris was 2 years old.  He later married Momma.  She adopted Chris and then they had me and Joey.  Joey and I are 15 months apart, so I was kinda left with Daddy alot when Joey was born.  It is hard to say whether or not Joey and I being so close in age was the reason for Daddy and me to be so close.  No one can truly know these things.  I think regardless, Daddy and I would still have the same relationship. 

A few more tidbits about my dad I would like to share:

1) I have never, ever in my whole entire life heard the man curse, use fowl language, or take the Lord’s name in vain.  I totally love this about him and I am so proud that I can say that!  How many people can?

2) He does not have one single white or gray hair in his head, and no, he does not color his hair.

3) He never talks gossip or ill of anyone.

4) He looks like George Strait.

5) He loves Tootsie Roll pops – he stashes them in a secret hiding place.

6) He wears lots of Western shirts, and looks good in them, too!

7) He takes Mom dancing just about every Friday night…country dancing.

8) In the mornings, he watches TV with the sound turned off.

9) He loves for you to sing with him.

10) He is one of the sweetest people I have ever known.

I love you, Daddy!


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