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Evan and writing…

on March 3, 2011

It is has been a really long week…and parenting has taken its toll on me a little this week.  My son struggles with expressing his feelings, especially when angry, and well, Evan, got a (another) lesson in taking up for herself and making the right decisions.  Nothing so bad it cant be talked about, but just enough to put ol’ Ma and Pa to the test! 

However, this week has not been all about trials.  It has also been a good week with great news and fun times.

My daughter, Evan, is a member of her school’s academic team.  She is a part of the writing team.  Last week she competed in her writing division.  The on demand writing question given to her was about technology and how has technology affected socialization within the family.  She told me she wrote about her brother, Colin.  Colin loves video games, and would be on them from the moment he woke up until the time he went to sleep, if allowed.  So, I really look forward to reading her piece about this very subject.

Evan with Mrs. Baker - March 2011

This past week, the academic team had their county-wide meet; our county has three public elementary schools  and one private Christian academy.  Evan placed third for her writing piece on technology and the family!!!  How awesome is that??!!  Her teacher and coach, Mrs. Baker, was pretty pleased with her accomplishment.  Last year, Evan did not even place in the writing piece she submitted. 

Mrs. Baker has started to work with Evan once a week to help her prepare for the district-wide meet later this month.

This picture was taken yesterday while eating lunch on a field trip to see the play “Tuck Everlasting”.  It was a great day with Evan and her classmates.  Fun times!


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