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Give fish (and peace) a chance?

on March 7, 2011

Fish is becoming a quick favorite around our house.  I have been trying to eat healthier, except McDonald’s French fries are still so hard to resist!  I hate those things, but I really love those things.  Ahhh…I am doing it again…snap out of this French fry trance!!!  I know, I know, this post is not about French fries, but about fish!  Let me take a deep breath so I can pull myself together.  1. 2. 3. Inhale. Exhale. Good. Focus.

Ok, I think I am ready…back to fish.  Do you have a favorite fish?  How do you like it prepared? How often do you eat fish, and I don’t mean tuna salad?

For me, I love tilapia!  If you are not a real fish connoisseur, but you are willing to have an open mind when it comes to fish, then I strongly encourage you to start out with tilapia.  Tilapia is a white fish with mild flavor.  I usually broil it in some olive oil and spices.  Mmmm.  I enjoy tilapia on the grill, but I usually have to grill is it in aluminum foil since the filets are thin.  I do not have a fish basket yet, but it is quickly rising to the top of my wish list. 

Tilapia filets are usually thin so cooking them is quick and easy, about 6-10 minutes.  You can also bake or fry the filets, but if I can grill or broil, then they are my first and favored methods.  The smoky flavor from the grill or broiler adds to the fish, deeming the fish irresistible.  At least it is for me.  I am trying to incorporate fish into our weekly menu starting out once a week.  Then, I hope to move it up to 2 times a week, and so on, broadening my repertoire of fish to cook along the way, too.

The tilapia species are herbivores, which mean they only eat plant life, feeding mostly on plankton.  This is why the fish is a lean, healthy fish.  For more facts about tilapia, click here.  I highly recommend trying tilapia!  I wonder if tilapia and French fries would taste good together???

Peace out.


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