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It is never too late…

on March 23, 2011

It is never too late to do a lot of things we would like to do with our lives.  We are the ones in control, right?  We make the decisions for ourselves, our family…so when we succeed, it is our victory, and when we fail, it is our responsibility to do better.  Well, I am sure over the next 12 weeks, I will get a taste of both victory and failure, but that doesn’t mean I am gonna throw in the towel and surrender altogether.  We are a team…a team for Financial Peace!

It is never too late to start saving money and becoming debt-free.  Being debt-free is a goal both my husband and I  share, and I am elated about it.  So, to get our family on the right track, we sought out Dave Ramsey.  I honestly don’t want this to just be for my husband and me, but I also want it to be for our kids as well.  I want them to learn how to control money, and be good at saving and managing their money by telling it what to do.

Much like trying to lose weight, following Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace plan is not going to be easy.  It will be a big challenge, and I keep telling myself I love a good challenge.  (I think I do, right?)  So, Hubby and I enrolled in Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace course hosted by our church, and we are learning a great many things. I admit there are a lot of things to go over and change, but at least there are books, cd’s, and online tools to help us study and research so if we need to go back and review, the tools are there. 

Here is a small list of my own personal reasons for wanting to do Dave’s course:

1)      Become debt-free!!

2)      Save for kid’s college educations.

3)      Save for retirement.

4)      Become better educated on money, budgeting, saving and giving.

Since Hubby and I have never utilized a budget before, we both agreed our family should start.   Therefore, we must begin with the “Seven Baby Steps” of Mr. Ramsey’s plan.  Between T and myself, I have always accepted control of  the money aspect in our marriage, but now we both are going to be on the same page, working with each other, side by side, towards the same, common goals.  I am sure there will be times I won’t like giving up full control, but I have to put the bigger picture first.  Living debt-free!

So this weekend, T and I will be putting together our cash flow plan for a more detailed look at our budget.  I am scared and excited at the same time.  Of course, I have fear I will mess up and something will get out of whack, but I am also ready to make changes and begin saving. 

If you would like more information on Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace program, don’t wait another year, month, day or second.  Get started now!


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