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Lucy…(sniff sniff)

on March 29, 2011

Lucy is our 13 year-old Jack Russell Terrier.  Yep, she has been with me longer than T and I have been married.  When I moved out of my parent’s house, T was still in college about an hour away, and I did not want to live alone.  So, I began looking for a “mini” watch dog, and when I found Lucy, that is exactly what I got!  She barked at everything…leaves falling, birds landing in the yard, the mailman, the car driving by, and the squirrels running amok.  She protected me very well from so many dangerous things. 

T and I married, and over a year later came our daughter.  Lucy protected her, too.  She let E squeeze her, kiss her, and chase her with not one single growl.  I really think it was having Lucy around since E was born that created the dog lover E is today. 

Lucy has been dealing with fatty tumors for a couple of years now, and well, one has been found in her mouth under her tongue.  This oral tumor seems to be causing Lucy her troubles and not the fatty tumors, but it seems there is not much of a solution.  So, we are gonna have to put dear Lucy down.  It breaks my heart to lose two dogs within a year, but we must do it for her sake.  She has given me thirteen wonderful years, and I don’t want her to be in anymore pain. 

I know my children are sad, as expected.  They have known this dog their entire lives…she has been there since they were ever born.  My son told her last night as he got down on his knees looking Lucy in the eyes, “No matter what, I will love you forever.”  He is trying to be strong, since he claims Lucy as his dog.  (I let him claim her since he really did not have a dog.)

Over the course of this week, I will have to pull myself together and say good-bye to a special friend.  Thank you, Lucy, for all the fun memories of your supreme jumping skills, and I will never forget you playing games or chasing the red laser light, which made you go nuts.  We will never forget how you can devour food in one gulp although we will never understand why you do not like to chew your food and savor the flavor.  Thank you for loving this crazy family you were chosen to be with.  We will always remember you and keep you close to our hearts!  Just like Colin said….

“No matter what, I will love you forever!” 

 And then some. 


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