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Coca-Cola Chicken…with an Ale-8

on April 11, 2011

My kids ask for this chicken dish quite a bit.  It is quick and easy to make, so when the kids ask for it, I am eager to assign this meal to my busiest weeknight.  I know I can cook a good, healthy dinner within 30 minutes and still do all the other things that need to be done, too. 

The original title of this recipe is Coca-Cola Chicken, but today I had no cola.  I was a bit rushed to put lunch on the table before E’s away soccer game so I grabbed the only soda we had in the house…. Ale-8’s!!!  YUM!  I thought why not!  To learn more about delicious Ale-8’s, click here!


16-oz. Coke, or Pepsi (do not use Diet), or whatever soda you like…today I used Ale-8

½ c. your favorite barbeque sauce (I used Corky’s)

1/3 c. ketchup

4 -6 chicken breasts

Heat skillet on high.  Pour in the Coca-Cola (or Pepsi) and bring to a boil.  This will not take long at all.  Add chicken. 

Reduce heat.  The bubbles are normal, but if you do not reduce heat the soda will overflow onto your stovetop. It will not take long for the soda to heat up.

Pour in barbeque sauce and ketchup; cover and cook slowly for 20 minutes.  Uncover and turn chicken, cook uncovered until sauce is thickened and chicken is tender. 

I usually always serve this dish with steamed broccoli and Uncle Ben’s Quick rice with extra sauce spooned over the chicken. 

The soda creates a very tender chicken…you can “cut it with a fork” kind of tender. 

I am not sure why the recipe says not to use the diet versions of the soda, but it almost has me compelled to try it to see what happens.  I really live on the edge, ya know.

Since today was going to be one of those days I did not a lot of time to make an extravagant lunch after church, I knew this quick and easy lunch would make my son happy.  He has been requesting this meal for a couple of weeks now.  First we had church, then a soccer game, a little time to watch the Masters and then back to church for our Dave Ramsey course. 

Special thanks to the Pioneer Woman for helping me think outside the box when it came to this recipe.  Since I had no cola, I thought what would PW do?  I also think Dr. Pepper or Cherry Coke would be good to try, too!


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