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Is she my third child?

on April 11, 2011

I always wanted a third child even though T was never really on board with that concept.  So, when Paisley joined our family, I never realized she would actually think of herself as a person, too.  Let me explain. 

 Ya see, when E is in her room playing or making up dances, Paisley thinks she has to be right there with E doing whatever she is doing.  It is fun to watch her try to figure out how to dance around the way E does.  When C is playing basketball in his room, she thinks she should play too.  The only problem is when Paisley stands on her hind feet she becomes taller than C, and well, he doesn’t really like that.  When both the kids run outside to play on the trampoline, the girl goes nuts running from the back window to the door in a panic as to why she isn’t out there with E and C having so much fun!  Then, when I am lying on the couch she wants to get up there with me, and when T is outside, she thinks she should be outside playing soccer with him.  And ya know what?  She is right! And we love it!


Paisley even thinks when we sit down to eat dinner we should share our food with her.  Nope, we are not going there…we are not giving in to those big brown eyes.  In a two week period I had made 2 batches of cupcakes for school parties and events.  Well, my Paisley girl is quite sneaky when it comes to stealing cupcakes, or licking the icing off of the cupcakes.  One night she licked the icing off of 5 cupcakes!  The other time she was able to pull out the cupcake from liner and never once tore the paper…I found it under the table intact.  Under the table is her hiding place where she thinks no one can see her.  It was like Paisley walked over to the counter, lifted out a chocolate cupcake with buttercream frosting, peeled down the sides of the liner and savored each bite.  Then she went back for 3 more cupcakes.  At least she likes my baking, right?


She can even smile for the camera!




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