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Perfect Corn on the Cob

on April 26, 2011

During the spring and summer, nothing tastes better to my family than fresh, hot corn on the cob.  It makes for the perfect side to any meat cooked on the grill: ribs, hamburgers, chicken, fish, pork chops and more.  When I go to the grocery store and there sits bushels of corn on the cob greeting me as I walk in, I know NONE of it will go to waste at my house. 

Now, I admit, I love grilled corn…well, anything grilled.  But, when I dont have time to sit and wait for grilled corn, I cook it on the cob in the microwave.  YUMMY!  Corn on the cob cooked in the microwave is better than no corn at all!  Right?  My son, C, will eat every last kernel on the cob so he would have to agree with that last statement. 

So are ya planning on fresh corn tonite?  If so, here is what you need:

Fresh corn on the cob, with shuck, yellow or tri-color (our favorites) – We have four in a family, so plan for one cob per person.  Each one of my kids will eat an entire cob of corn, so if you have smaller children you can always half the cob after it is cooked. 

Butter or Spray butter (We use the latter because it has zero calories, and it still tastes like butter)

Before I cook the cobs, I peel off several layers of shuck leaving about 2-3 layers on the cob. 

Two at a time, I place cobs in the microwave and cook for 5 minutes on high.  Use an oven mit to remove cobs from the microwave because they will be EXTREMELY hot!!!  Leave the shuck on the corn until ready to eat; this will help trap in the heat until ready to serve. 

When ready to eat, peel back the shuck.  Taking a pair of scissors cut off all but 3-4 inches of shuck.  I use this part of the corn as the “handle” when eating the corn.  I can never get the those corn holders to stay on the ends of the cob, so I found this way to be the easiest method.  Plus, I dont have to wash those pesky corn holders, nor hear them roll around in the kitchen drawer. 

Spray butter on generously!!  Then dig in!!  Be sure and have your napkin ready!


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