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A sad end, yet exciting beginning…

on May 25, 2011

Well, it is now official, local club soccer has come to a close for our oldest child, E.  She had decided to travel out of county to try-out for a new club team.  Of course, that means more expense for coaches, trainers, tourneys, and a little more travel time (if she makes the team), but E wants to continue club soccer.  She wants to get better she says.  Our local coach (my husband) has decided it is time to stop coaching soccer and help out with our younger child in his athletics.  I think he has been an awesome coach and influence.  He has always cared about the girls and as a mother, I am so grateful for that.  He has always wanted the girls to have fun and make lasting relationships with each other as teammates and friends.  Most of the team will be entering middle school, and a few have decided to keep playing either in club or on the middle school team.  He has taught them to play with dignity, sportsmanship, fairness and poise. 

In all honesty, watching these girls play has been the highlight of my spring and fall seasons.  They are so much fun to watch; they all get along really well.  They really are good girls.  I am kind of sad to see the girls split off and go different directions, but so excited to see them involved in other sports like basketball, cheerleading, soccer, dance team, archery, softball or volleyball.  We have real talent and heart in our county, alive in all of these girls.  Sad to see them grow up so quickly, but enthusiastic about their journeys. 

Best of luck, girls!


One response to “A sad end, yet exciting beginning…

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