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13 and happily counting…

on June 27, 2011

Today is mine and T’s 13 year anniversary!  Thirteen years ago we were getting married on the hottest day of June.  I danced in wedding shoes made by T’s Aunt Sally Jo (LOVE her). I had never sweat more in my life, but I loved every second of it I might add. But before the dancing I was hoping I could recite my handwritten vows without having to look at the cards…I was so nervous, but from excitement and anticipation.  We waited a long time (it seemed) to get married.  I remember the music as I walked down the aisle, and I remember standing beside him.  Oh, how lucky I was to be with someone who truly cared for me, who looked out for me, helped me, was a true friend to me even in my worst of times.  He loved me for me.  I recall my younger brother asking me once how I knew he was the right man for me, and well, I knew because there was never any doubt he wasnt the one for me. 



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