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That Long, Eh?

on October 14, 2011

Has it really been this long since I last posted on my blog?  WOW!  Two months is crazy! School started for the kids, which meant so did all of their activities (baseball, soccer, dance).  I guess I let time get away from me. Life has me incredibly busy these days. I swear if I did not have calendars or a cell phone, I would win an award for being the most unorganized mother.

Back in May I wrote a post about a sad ending and a new beginning. Although I really miss the parents and the girls on E’s prebious soccer team, we have been able to make  friends with new teammates and parents. E decided to try out for a new club soccer team in a county next to ours, and when she made the team, she was truly excited. For her this meant having a new coach yelling at her, clapping for her, correcting her, and encouraging her. T and I both are glad she made the move. E has been able to learn many things to help her individually, which is something she needed. When I captured this pick of E back in July at a state games tournament, I knew we had helped her make the right decision.  The smile on her face says it all.


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