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Finally, a chandelier for the dining room…

on November 1, 2011

Illuminating our house is not an especially quick, easy task…I am picky, very, very picky when it comes to major (or at least what I consider to be major) purchases. I consider a new chandelier in the dining room to be a major purchase since it does require one to spend hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars. Even though I did find the perfect chandelier (only $1,800.00) while visiting the mountains in Tennessee, I had to look elsewhere for one I could afford. Luckily, I was able to purchase a chandelier from Pottery Barn for $233.00 on sale. I know I will be very satisfied with my new chandelier as I am always pleased with most anything from Pottery Barn. Plus, they have excellent customer service!

Dining Room Chandelier from PB

We currently have three other vintage chandeliers in our home now, so I was really wanting to stay close to the style of those fixtures. Over our kitchen table is a crystal pendant along with two birdcage chandeliers in the entryway and hall bathroom. For years I have been searching for a chandelier for our dining room, but could never find one I liked. And I REALLY liked the $1.800.00 crystal chandelier in Tennessee, but that is way out of my price range. It was beautiful!

However, I can be pretty patient when I am looking for that one and only, perfect item; the item I just can’t pass up or walk away from and end up relentlessly saving my dance/yoga money to buy.
A friend on Facebook suggested I look once again at Pottery Barn’s chandelier collections…she had bought one and loved hers. So I decided I would take another look at PB and very glad I did. This is the chandelier that caught my eye and immediately I knew I could see this hanging over my black, custom built (by my cousin, Jay) dining room table. My dining room is one of my favorite rooms during the Christmas holiday so I am crazy excited to get this chandelier in its place.
Now I can cross off “Find a Dining Room Chandelier” off my long, long house list!! Finally!

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