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Spelling Bee Champ in the House!!

on February 1, 2012

Only two boys left…one was mine. Here we are all over again. I felt my heart rate escalating, my breath quickening and my nerves going crazy. What’s happening, you ask? Why the 3rd grade spelling bee!  To understand this post I must fill you in on its history. Just last year my son was in the same county-wide (district) spelling bee (but for 2nd grade)…it was down to him and another kid, Mason. C missed a word and Mason finished in first by spelling his two words correctly eliminating C from the competition. C walked away the 2nd place winner and as parents, we were elated, thrilled, proud and so excited for C.

But like I said, here we were all over again…except this time it was down to C and Matthew. I was rocking my knees franticly as I remembered the year before. It was happening all over again. The other kid, Matthew, was an awesome speller just whipping out those letters to every word like he was the one that actually came up with the spelling for them. I was so nervous and excited, but C was calm and cool. I remember being so impressed by his ability to stay calm under the pressure. He would look at me and smile as his eyebrows lifted. All I could do was smile back and give him a confident, reassuring look.

What was that? Matthew missed a word? My first thought was poor Matthew. I would not even be able to think of words, or letters for that matter, under all that pressure. While I take a deep breath C stands up, takes a second or two, and starts spilling out…”K – I – N – S – M – A – N.” Shew!!!!!!! He spelled Matthew’s word correctly. But to win, he had to spell another word. The bee facilitator gave out his (hopefully) final word. Already standing, Colin waits, thinks and then delivers the following letters…”L – A – N – C – E”.

He did it!!! He won the 3rd grade district (county-wide) spelling bee!!! He was so happy and excited! I was very, very proud of him! Good job, C! Matthew was an excellent speller…all the kids were. After all, they are leaders in their own classes, at their school and in their county.

We were so proud of C for his hard work! People are still coming up to him asking him if he was the kid in the newspaper who won the spelling bee. He delivers a grin calm and cool.

C with his Dad after winning 3rd grade county spelling bee.


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