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Mastering the Art of a Dance Mom

What a weekend!  E & I traveled to Charleston, WV this past weekend for her dance competition.  This was also the first time performing her solo, and I must say I was impressed with the emotion she brought to her routine.  She did bobble in her double pirouette, but all in all, I thought she did a fantastic job!  She ended up scoring a high-gold on her first ever solo!  I was pleased, and she was happy, too.  She thought she was going to walk away with a silver score. 

The adjudicated judging is done at levels: Shooting stars (Beginning competitor), then Shining Stars (more experience in competing), and Super Stars (advance competing status).  Each level can be awarded the following scores: silver, high-silver, gold, high-gold, and platinum, with Platinum score being 2 points from a perfect score.  I am anxious to hear what the judges said about her routine, and what areas need improvement.

E also danced in two other class routines: I Love Lucy and Saturday Night Fever.  All the girls did a great job on each routine!  I Love Lucy received a Platinum score and 1st Overall while Saturday Night Fever also scored Platinum and was 2nd Overall.  I Love Lucy received the highest score of the entire day!!  The studio where E takes dance class was also chosen for the Best Studio award at the competition.

I have danced for a majority of my life in some capacity, whether it was as a student, dancer, instructor or dance mom.  You always experience the butterflies.  And even though I was a bundle of nerves on Friday for E, I had a great time with E on our mother-daughter dance weekend.  Our downtime consisted of hanging out in the hotel room watching music videos on VH1 until time to check out of our room.  Next, we headed to the mall to do some shopping.  We were sure to stop by Justice, one of her favorite stores.  They really did not have too many stores to choose from, but it did provide some things for us to do while we waited until show time.  Before heading over to the auditorium to watch the competition, we grabbed some lunch at The Outback Steakhouse. 

Two weeks from now, we get to go back for Competition #2!  Yep, I am working on mastering the art of being a dance mom…and I love it!

(Pics to be posted soon.)

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Dance, Dance, Dance…

E and I are gearing up for a weekend of nothing but DANCE!!!!!!  We are so excited! We will be spending countless hours in an auditorium full of dancers, dance teachers, dance moms, prop dads, and the left-behind brothers who will be glued to their portable gaming systems and iPods.  Really, I don’t mind hearing “Jar of Hearts” 5,000 times.  Really, I don’t.

We are headed east, out of state, for a dance competition.  It is E’s first solo competition, and her 4th class competition.  She is performing a lyrical solo to “Where Is Love?” from the musical, Oliver.  Oh, boy, is she one nervous little girl!  She went to the studio last night to show her routine to DE.  E was nervous and scared, but I casually told her that is normal.  After performing her routine, she came out and said, “I don’t think I did very well.”  I felt bad for her, but she will learn to take the criticism and use it to make herself better.   I am glad DE was straightforward and honest with E.  In the end, she will become a better dancer for it.

ESPN Dance Crew

Her teacher wanted to see her again today, so she is leaving school a little early to head over to work on the lyrical routine.  I think DE might be taking out the turning leaps and fouettes, which removing them both became a sigh of relief for E.  We shall see how it goes.  Either way, no matter what, I will be extremely proud of E for wanting to put herself out there.

Actually, putting herself out there and opening up might be the bigger challenge for E.  Yes, she is shy and very soft-spoken, but sooner or later she will have to speak up for herself and explore what makes her E.  I keep explaining to her that opportunities will present themselves, and if she allows her shyness to keep her from trying new things, she may one day experience regret. 

A couple of weeks ago I read an article in Dance Studio Life about contemporary dancers.  There was a quote by William Wingfield that has really stuck with me.  As soon as I read it, I knew I wanted E to read it and try to apply it to her dancing.  Wingfield said, “Debbie Allen used to tell me that dancers are the best actors in the world because we tell a whole story without opening our mouths. You can’t put a definition on something that is ever-evolving, but you can change people’s lives without saying one word.” 

Break a leg this weekend, E!

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Nothing like a good game…


Shew!  What a game!!!  First the weather was absolutely gorgeous, and to top it off E’s soccer game this afternoon was one of the best yet.  We ended in a tie, but this was against a pretty tough team AND we were missing two of our starting defenders.  I love watching our talented girls play so well!  At the half it was 0-0, but both teams turned up the heat the 2nd half.  E scored both goals for her team…the first was from a drop made by the opposing team’s goalie.  E just happened to be at the right place at the right time and she did not give up on the goal, which is something her daddy (and coach) had been coaching the entire team on.  She ended up with a kick to the gut and landed on the ground for a couple of minutes, but so did the goalie and another team member of the opposing team.  There were some pretty tough girls at the game today from both sides of the field.  Luckily, all the girls were ok, and were able to continue playing.

The second goal came just after Team Noslen scored their 2nd goal bringing them out on top with a score of 2-1.  Somehow we were able to get the ball up the field and E was able to get in a position for a good shot to the corner of the net!  GOAL!!!  We were back to tie at 2-2!  By the time the ref blew the final whistle, the game ended in a tie.  The girls were absolutely thrilled wtih the outcome, and they should be!  Our defensive line was awesome, and our goalie had her best game yet!   

I thoroughly enjoyed watching really talented, athletic girls compete and play their hearts out!  Shew, what a game!

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