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My Wish List Items

I like to think I am far from being the impulsive shopper I used to be. I hope my husband can agree with me. 🙂 If I find something I really like then pondering on it, comparing prices, and reading reviews about the products will be the first step I make before just randomly buying something. I give my husband credit for helping me learn to shop more carefully. For me personally, I would much rather love an item and it be the perfect match than just buy something to be buying it. If it is a BIG purchase (for me, anything over $100) and I feel it is worth the price, I will patiently wait until I can buy that perfect, wish list item.

This page is dedicated to my wish list items. I like to catalog these items to help remind me of what I really want to buy. Sometimes over the course of time I forget these items. Some of you might think “if you really wanted the items then why do you need this list”? Believe me, I understand that logic. As busy as I am these days with running my kids everywhere, my wee brain can only focus on one or two things (wish list items) at a time it seems. And if 6 months down the road, I still haven’t purchased that wish list item yet I still want it, I know it was meant for me to make that jump and buy it (when my funds are there, of course).

Wish List Item #1 – Pottery Barn’s Karala Bedding (out of stock)

Wish List Item #2 – Kitchen Aid Artisan Stand Mixer (purchased)

Wish List Item #3 – A) WS 10-piece bowl set; B) WS All-Clad Measuring Cups; C) WS 3-pc. Mesh Colander Bowls

Wish List Item #4 – West Elm Organic Cottom Pin-Tuck Duvet Cover, Shams, and Euro Shams (purchased)

Wish List Item #5 – Zwilling J.A. Henkels Chef’s Knife




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