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“When the student is ready, a teacher appears.”Yoga Journal

I love and respect Yoga.  I always feel so much better for having practiced. Yoga is a practice, and I believe it teaches me. It teaches me patience. Because I am older, I can not do the things I was once able to do. That is very frustrating for a retired dance instructor. But through yoga, I have learned to embrace and love my body for all the things it can still do. I often reflect on the quote by yoga instructor, Mandi Ingber, “Having the body you want begins with loving the body you have.”

For me, yoga is even more than that. It teaches me to let go. Let go of competition, judgment and expecation. I can let go of the notion there is perfection. There is not. As a young child, my mother always told me there is no such thing as  perfect. She was always right; I just did not listen. In yoga, there is no perfection…no perfect pose, no perfect breath, no perfect movement or transition. It is just me on a mat practicing. My practice will never be perfect and when I think about that, I become free.

My list of reasons for loving yoga go on and on and on. Some of the reasons are listed in different posts on this blog. Some of the reasons I have not written about yet, and some I might not realize yet.

Below is a simple breakdown of yoga posts on this blog which I find beneficial for my own personal practice.

Why Do I Practice Yoga?

My Favorite Yoga Pose?

Crane Pose…A Progression in Yoga

Upward Facing Dog

Pigeon Pose…Your Hips Don’t Lie

Triangle Pose

“Life begins at the edge of your comfort zone.” – Yoga Journal

I began practicing yoga in 2007. I became certified yoga instructor through YogaFit (L1) in 2008.


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